pollinated plants

Small selection of chiropterophilous plants pollinated by Glossophaga soricina:

Flower of the Pochote tree (Pachira quinata)
Pachira quinata (Malvaceae)


Flower of the bromeliad Werauhia sanguinolenta
Werauhia sanguinolenta (Bromeliaceae)


Glossophaga visiting flower of Crescentia alata
Crescentia alata (Bignoniaceae)


Flower of Bauhinia ungulata
Bauhinia ungulata (Fabaceae)


Cobaea scandens (Polemoniaceae)


Weberocereus bradei (Cactaceae)


Flower of Irlbachia alata
Irlbachia alata (Gentianaceae)


Flower of Merinthopodium neuranthum
Merinthopodium neuranthum (Solanaceae)


Flower of Mucuna holtonii
Mucuna holtonii (Fabaceae)