mouth-to-mouth feeding

Rose A, Wöhl S, Bechler J, Tschapka M, Knörnschild M (2019) Maternal mouth-to-mouth feeding behaviour in flower-visiting bats, but no experimental evidence for transmitted dietary preferences. Behavioural Processes, 165:29-35

In addition to breast milk, Pallas’ long-tongued bats (Glossophaga soricina) provide regurgitated nectar via mouth-to-mouth feeding behavior to their pups.

mouth-to-mouth feeding
Pup (dark fur) licks regurgitated nectar out of the opened mouth of its mother.


A mother returns from her foraging flight and feeds its pup with regurgitated nectar via mouth-to-mouth feeding behavior:


Mouth-to-mouth feeding behavior in between two phases of breastfeeding: