bat conservation

Common noctule bats (Nyctalus noctula) using a bat box of the Gerlenhofener Arbeitskreis Umweltschutz (G.A.U.) in Neu-Ulm, Germany:
Nyctalus noctula hibernation roost


About a hundred common noctule bats (Nyctalus noctula) emerging from their hibernation roost in Neu-Ulm, Germany. Echolocation calls were made audible through heterodyning:


Greater mouse-eared bats (Myotis myotis) with pups in a nursery roost in Lkr. Neu-Ulm:
Myotis myotis nursery roost

Greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis) hibernating in an old ice cellar in Lkr. Neu-Ulm, Germany:
Myotis myotis hibernation roost

Myotis myotis in hibernation roost close

Brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus) flying into the night (slow-motion video):


Different natural bat roosts (e.g. woodpecker or bark cavities) are imitated with various versions of bat boxes (lower picture: exhibition at NABU-Vogelschutzzentrum Mössingen).


Check out the websites of our local and regional bat conservation groups: Fledermausschutz Neu-Ulm and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fledermausschutz Baden-Württemberg e. V.